You can find my video NFTs at and still image NFTs at objkt

Chicago 2072

Using an Ai time lens to explore Chicago in the year 2072. Created February 4, 2022, with CLIP Guided Diffusion and the addition of my own loss function and animation code. My first iteration was posted in this tweet. This NFT is part of the Ai Art from the Uncanny Valley collection in collaboration with Kevin Page who created the accompanying music. It was featured on the Known Origin homepage and their pinned tweet promoting the collection on March 14, 2022. I was created in the Chicago area making this a fitting genesis piece. 🙂

birth of a new consciousness

a glimpse into the future of an artificial intelligence awakening. visuals rendered February 18, 2022 using the diffusion and CLIP neural network models trained by OpenAI and executing on an NVIDIA V100 datacenter GPU. i made the music March 9 and shared the first draft video on twitter March 23. 

midnight harvest

a dream of giant robots raiding corn fields in order to produce their fuel. visuals rendered March 9, music created March 12, first shared to twitter March 13, 2022. this is an early work using Ai depth inference for a simulated 3D effect with CLIP guided diffusion. i built custom code for directing the virtual camera movements through the dynamically hallucinated content. 

More to come!

As you can see from my twitter and instagram I'm always busy creating digital art. More pieces will be released as NFT soon. If you see something you love from my feed I'd be happy to entertain offers and mint your favorite for you.