Tools and Resources for AI Art

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Looking to get started with AI art? A good place to start is one of the  popular apps  like  DreamStudio midjourney Wombo , or  NightCafe . You can get a quick sense of how you can use words and phrases to guide image generation. Read up on  prompt engineering  to improve your results. Then you may want to move on to using Google Colab notebooks linked below like Deforum.  If you have a good nVidia GPU of your own then you can also use  NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI  or  Visions of Chaos  to run the most popular notebooks locally. If you want to train your own Ai models check out the  Ai art model training  page, for animations check Stable Diffusion animations .

Text to Image

There are a TON of shared Google Colab notebooks floating around for doing text to image with pre-trained GAN and diffusion models. I've been compiling the ones I come across and try out and find interesting. Please hit me up on twitter (@pharmapsychotic) if you know a cool notebook that I am missing! Stable Diffusion is most popular right now. 




Image to video
Text to video

Prompt Engineering

To get good results with CLIP guided diffusion and VQGAN+CLIP you need to find the right words and phrases that will direct the neural network to the content and style you are looking for.

Image to Text
Prompt Guides


You can generate music with AI using OpenAI's Jukebox. You can prompt Jukebox with an artist and music genre or with a short audio clip in WAV format. It generates new music for you in phases of increasing quality (level_2, level_1, level_0) and takes about 8 hours on Colab.


AI Art Discord Servers

There are quite a few Discord servers dedicated now to AI artists or discussing text to image techniques.

Learn to Code Generative Ai

Cool Apps

No Code AI Art tools
Create Game Assets
Online Galleries to Showcase Art

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